Our Services

Strength Training and Rehabilitation

Exercise is a big part of physiotherapy and will play a big role in the effectiveness of treatment. Whether you’re an advanced marathon runner, recovering after a surgery, or rehabilitating a work injury, our Physiotherapists will use strength and conditioning exercises to assist in speeding up your recovery.


Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Pre-operative rehabilitation is exercise-based intervention prescribed to the patient before undergoing surgery. Prehab helps you to recover quickly and has a positive effect on pain and function pre and post surgery. It may involve just exercises, or manual therapy as well to prepare the area by restoring as much range of motion and tissue mobility prior to surgery to assist in a faster recovery post-op.

Post-operative rehabilitation is highly effective in helping patients regain their strength while guiding them back to regular life after surgery. At CPSIC we can treat total joint replacements, Spinal surgery, Arthroscopies, Ligament and tendon repair, Fixation rehabilitation, Nerve releases or relocations, Joint fusions as well as various others.

Strength & Conditioning Training/Home Exercise Consultation

Our physiotherapists are trained to design exercises programs specific to your needs. We can help you return to sport, work, or just get stronger to perform your activities of daily living more easily. We can design and teach you to perform exercises at the gym or in your own home.

Re-Conditioning Programs

Reconditioning programs are specifically tailored to restore an individuals cardiovascular, proprioceptive, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and confidence. The main objective of the Work Reconditioning Program is to restore the client’s physical capacity and function to the extent that the client can return to work.